Thursday, September 15, 2011

Late Night, Dark Sky, Journal Rambling

Right now the stars are literally twinkling.

Or at least they were before I went inside to get you.

Does our perspective on the world and life as a whole adjust to different environments and inputs the way that our eyes do?


I want to live in a world that twinkles. I think I do.

Clouds are coming.

I want the twinkle back in full throttle.

I just heard a lizard croak from inside my house.

It’s such and interesting library of memories that I’ve created.

A few minutes ago I had such a strong urge to be back in the Indian desert starring up at the Milky Way, disregarding the sand in my hair and itchy blankets as I surrendered to tribal drumming in of a distant village.

The experience undoubtedly enhanced by the pot cookies I accidentally ate.

I became completely enveloped.

Sitting here on my verandah in Ngai under that same exact Milky Way I realize that some day I’m going to long to be back here too.

I already do even as I write this.

So many places, so many feelings.

How much can one heart, one head, two feet and two eyes handle?

I think I’ll push the limits and find out.

Dark clouds are coming fast now, eating my stars.

It’s gonna rain big.

Toads hesitate in their declarations and mumble intrusively.

Bat wings are my ceiling fans and the army of crickets the background to my thoughts.

The spiky tree that’s home to the weaverbirds sits black and quiet, silhouetted by the rain clouds, disguising its chaos.

Morning will release their golden energy and nagging calls. I love it.

I wish it was still new enough to wake me but it’s now just the mundane noise of life.

Sights, smells, tastes. Strange things mixed with peanut butter.

All will be filled away in the library of my mind and memory.

I tend to lean towards chronology. I like seeing how one experience leaps to the next.

Filled away filled away to be recalled on another verandah of the future where I’ll sit and long for qualities of this distant land.

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